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When you start looking at broadband service providers in Atlanta, you've probably noticed you are limited to the giant phone company or the giant cable company. Either way, you're stuck with a big faceless corporation that places arbitary limits on what you can do with your connection. At Abraxis we are different. Sure we have a broadband DSL based network second to none, but we extra features not found anywhere else.

Features like:

  • Personalized email addresses (i.e. that allow you to own your email address. You can take this email address anywhere you want and you'll never be forced to change again!
  • Build and host your own website
  • Free email Spam and Virus protection
  • Top rated parental controls available
  • Wide range of speeds and prices to meet every need and budget
  • Static IP addresses available
  • No restrictions on port access -- you can run a server from your home!
  • Run multiple computers from the same connection
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Residential DSL Plans
DSL Standard
  • Only $39.95/mo
  • Download speed of 1.5Mb (36x faster than dialup, 6x faster than DSL Lite)
  • Upload speeds of 256Kb
  • Perfect for home offices and moderate online gaming
  • After two months, only $39.95/mo (compare to $42.95 with BellSouth!).
DSL Professional
  • Only $49.95/mo!
  • Download speed of 3.0Mb (76x faster than dialup, 2x faster than 1.5M DSL)
  • Upload speeds of 384Kb
  • Perfect for users who transfer large files or frequently play online games
  • After two months, only $49.95/mo (compare to $54.95 with BellSouth!).

A DSL Modem is required for all DSL service and may be obtained from Abraxis or separately. A BellSouth phone line is required for DSL service in Georgia. Why? Because the FCC is allowing them to get away with it.