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Outlook Express e-mail configuration for e-mail accounts ONLY

NOTE:  You can always check your e-mail via the webmail interface by clicking HERE
(Enter your full e-mail address and password on the login screen)


- STEP 1 -
Open Outlook Express and click the TOOLS menu from the top. 
Select ACCOUNTS from the drop-down menu that appears.










- STEP 2 -
Click on the MAIL tab, then click the ADD button at the top right. 
Select MAIL from the menu that appears.

- STEP 3 -
Enter your name in the blank as you would like for it to appear in your outgoing e-mail messages. 
(For example, if you want people to see your full name when they receive a message from you, enter your full name)
Click NEXT when finished.

- STEP 4 -
Enter your full e-mail address in the blank.
Click NEXT when finished.

- STEP 5 -
Your incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
In the INCOMING MAIL (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) SERVER blank, type
In the OUTGOING MAIL (SMTP) SERVER blank, type the SMTP server name of your internet service provider.
(The company that provides your internet connection will have this information, not Abraxis)
Click NEXT when finished.

- STEP 6 -
Enter your account name and password into the appropriate blanks. 
(Your username is your e-mail address without the suffix)
You will not need to check the LOG ON USING SECURE PASSWORD AUTHENTICATION (SPA) checkbox.
Click NEXT when finished.

- STEP 7 -
Congratulations!  Your e-mail account is now set up.