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Outlook Express Email Setup


Outlook express 1.jpg (70338 bytes)

Step 1.
Open Outlook Express and and select the "Tools" menu.  (See the red arrow above)
Then select "Accounts".

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Step 2.
Left click on the "Mail" tab then left click on the "Add" button & choose "Mail" 
(See the red arrow).

Outlook express 3.jpg (26407 bytes)

Step 3.
In the first screen, in the box labeled "Display Name", enter your name (see red arrow) then click "Next".

Outlook express 4.jpg (29047 bytes)

Step 4.
In the next screen select "I already have an e-mail address I'd like to use. Then enter your Abraxis email address in the box (with the red line) then click "Next".

Outlook express 5.jpg (30937 bytes)

Step 5.
In the box labeled "My incoming mail server is a ______ server." Click on the drop box arrow & select POP3. (see red arrow)

Step 6.
In the boxes labeled "Incoming mail server" & "Outgoing mail server"  enter   (see
blue arrows)


Outlook express 6.jpg (35984 bytes)

Step 7.
In the box labeled "Account Name":  enter your Abraxis user name. (see red arrow)

Step 8.
In the box labeled Password:  enter your Abraxis password. (see blue arrow)

Outlook express 7.jpg (24196 bytes)

Step 9.
Now just click on the Finish button (see red arrow) and you are ready to check your mail.

Step 10.
Check your mail.